Are You Still Confused about Crystal Glass And Borosilicate Glass?

1 September, 2023

Glass products are widely used in modern society and has a very huge demand in current market.We know that glass is windproof and transparent and has stable performance, it can be used in different situations for its multi-use. When we choosing the glass were supposed to not only care about the price but should have somewhat familiar with its types and characteristics to avoid any unnecessary matters. In this article we will focus on two main questions to get a deep understanding about the characteristics of crystal glassware and learn how to tell the difference between crystal glass and general glass.

1. Is crystal glass the same as high borosilicate glass

First of all the answer of this question is No. They are not the same stuff even they look like similarly. If the product detail list of your glass bottle or cup or something else is labeled as high borosilicate then it is made of borosilicate glass rather than crystal glass.

High boron glass is lead free and safe and stable with high strength and heat resistance.Now the things in our kitchens like glass pot, glass plate and so on that we commonly used are all made of high boron glass.

Crystal glass was made by boiling silicon and lead oxide together in the early period. Because lead is poisonous, it is basically replaced by other materials, such as potassium oxide, barium oxide, etc. However, adding lead can make the crystal look more transparent and brighter, so many manufacturers still use lead as a kind of raw material, but it is mostly used in industry, decoration and other business.

If there is a glass cup at your hand you can knock to listen, if it sounds crispy and there is a metal impact after the aftermath of the feeling of surroundings, that is crystal!

2. How to distinguish crystal from general glassware

  • From the sound

When these two glass vessels are tapped or flicked by your hand, you find that the crystal glassware will make a pleasant metallic sound and have a beautiful lingering sound, while ordinary glassware only has a dull "click" sound.

  • From the lustre

When exposed to a little light, crystal glassware will shine brightly and reflect colorful lights, while rodinary glassware has a low gloss and no refracted light, so it cannot give people a sparkling sense of beauty.

  • From the texture

Holding a crystal glass cup in your hand you will find it thick and firm whereas general glass fluffy and light.

Relevant concepts:

Crystal glass

Crystal glass also known as lead crystal, is a glass containing lead oxide. Lead oxide can increase the refractive index of glass, making it more transparent and bright. Crystal glass usually contains 18% to 40% lead oxide, of which lead crystal contains at least 24% lead oxide.

High borosilicate glass

High borosilicate glass is a kind of glass with enhanced refractory performance. It is added more glaze water glass sand, soda water and lime than ordinary silicate glass. High borosilicate glass has strong fire resistance and high physical strength. Compared with ordinary glass, it has no toxic side effects, and its mechanical properties, thermal stability, water resistance, and acid resistance are greatly improved.

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