Do you consider these 5 points when choosing a glass jar?

26 June, 2024

Top 5 Things to Consider When Choosing Glass Jars

Glass jars are an indispensable item in all industries and environments. They can be found everywhere, from offices to homes, at events, in commercial settings, or even at home. Glass jars are an essential item for any business, whether you're a manufacturer, a domestic worker, or jar enthusiast. They can also influence the appearance and success of your products.

We know how difficult it can be to choose a jar among all the different sizes, styles and shapes. So we have included five essential tips that you can include in your checklist to help you select jars for your needs.

1. The Use Case

Answering some questions to clearly define the purpose of using the jars is important. You can then decide what type of jars to buy. Take into consideration the following two factors.

  • Customisation:Whether you are an entrepreneur, homemaker or manufacturer, consider your branding preference and choose the jar that fits your choice or design option. This could be a particular colour, size or shape, like our hexagonal or square jar.
  • Application:What purpose will the glass jar have? It is easier to choose the right jar if you know what your purpose will be. You can preserve or package foods like spices, herbs or seasonings in an glass jar that is airtight with lids and. This will ensure the freshness for a long time.

2. The Size

From small containers to larger ones for different packaging options, carefully consider both the quantity of your product and size requirements for optimal packaging solutions. Once this has been accomplished, selecting glass jars suitable to individual needs with elegance and style in mind becomes much simpler. Our collection of small to large glass jars are carefully chosen to meet those requirements while adding elegance and sophistication to your products.

3. The Style/Shape

A gorgeous glass jar makes an impactful statement about its product inside it! When selecting the style and shape of glass jar you want, consider how well it visually accentuates it. Jar shapes such as Orcio jars, Hexagonal jars and square jars offer unique aesthetic designs with charming visual appeal; hexagonal jars fit nicely for syrups, small candles or honey; Orcio jars offer vintage vibes while square jars offer modern aesthetics;

4. Types of Glass

Every glass may not meet all your needs. With different jars composed from various material compositions available today, it is crucial that you find out which properties or composition fits with your products or needs best. When considering glass jars as packaging for food preservation or packaging products such as beverages or wine preservation needs, take note of chemical resistance, durability, clarity of clarity of material composition based jars like:

  • Soda-lime glass; it’s a suitable option for aesthetic purposes.
  • Borosilicate glass is suitable for preserving foods due to its heat-resistant properties.

5. Closure Solutions

Selecting the appropriate glass jar closure can be an essential element in creating the perfect product experience. Consider its purpose (for personal or special event use) as well as what type of brand or customization you would like it to feature. Also take into consideration compatibility issues between closure and jar, its reuseability, ease of use and possible decorative lid options available - from classic screw top to decorative designs!

With these useful tips in hand, you are well on your way to selecting the ideal type of glass jar for your next project. Creative Package are here to lend a helping hand - check out their selection of glass jars today.

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