Glass Cosmetic Bottle Revisited: Why It Might Be Your Best Choice

7 September, 2023

       As people's awareness of health and environmental protection continues to increase, more and more cosmetics and skin care brands or manufactures are beginning to choose glass bottles as packaging materials. So why has glass bottle become the first choice for many brands? Next, we will introduce you to the advantages of glass bottle packaging.

     First, glass bottles have excellent physical properties.Compared with plastic container,glass bottle can better resist temperature changes and prevent products from deteriorating after being heated. In addition, glass bottles also have high pressure resistance and impact resistance, effectively protecting products from the external environment.

   Secondly, glass bottles have excellent barrier properties. Cosmetic and skin care products usually contain active ingredients and oxidizing substances. If packaging materials such as plastic bottles are used, the stability of the product may be reduced due to their weak barrier properties. The glass bottle can not only effectively resist the entry of external moisture, oxygen and ultraviolet rays, but also better maintain the active ingredients and nutritional value of the product and extend the shelf life of the product.

     In addition, glass bottles also have the characteristics of recycling, which meets the requirements of modern society for environmental protection.

     To sum up, cosmetics and skin care products packaged in glass bottles have the advantages of strong stability, good barrier performance and recyclability. Considering the continuous improvement of environmental protection awareness, it is believed that glass bottles will become the mainstream choice for the packaging of cosmetics and skin care products in the future.

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