Heat-resistant And Mildew-proof Glass Water Bottle Make Every Day Full of Freshness

18 September, 2023

Recently, Creative Technology's new product has been launched - the high borosilicate glass water bottle, which has attracted widespread attention from consumers for its healthy, fashionable and versatile features.

Well,some of you may be unfamiliar with Creative Technology so let me introduce it to you first.Creative Technology is a professional supplier focusing on supplying daily necessities.The company is mainly engaged in international trade of glass products, plastic products, pet products and other products. It has always been committed to providing consumers with high-quality products and services. After 6 years of market testing, Creative Technology has developed into a leading benchmark enterprise for cross-border e-commerce in East China.

This glass cup is made of high borosilicate glass material, with high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and does not contain any harmful substances, so it's safe to use.The lid is made of precise bamboo material, which is durable and leak-proof;it exudes elegant bamboo fragrance, making people feel comfortable. There is a small hole at the top of the bamboo lid for inserting a straw. The straw is also made of high borosilicate glass, which is high temperature resistant and will not burn your mouth even if you drink boiling water. It comes with an 180-degree rotating brush that can easily clean the bottom of the cup.

This water cup adopts a simple and fashionable design, the round straight bottle body is simple and generous, the glittering and translucent wall of the cup is shining in the sun, in line with the aesthetic needs of modern people. The bottle bodylogo can be customized to meet the preferences of different consumers.

Pure, transparent, and durable our new glass water bottle is the ultimate pursuit of quality of life and your best choice for a healthy life. Act now and learn more about the product information from our website!

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