Pet Preform, From Raw Material to Finished Product, Striving for Excellence

10 October, 2023

Pet Preform, as the core component of plastic bottle production, its quality directly determines the performance and useful life of bottles. To ensure the high quality of preforms, each process from raw material selection to product shipment needs to be finely manipulated. Creative Packing Technology strictly follows every producing procedure in the production of preforms, including raw material selection, mold design, molding, demolding and product inspection. This is a complex and precise process, and each link needs to be finely controlled.

(Source:Creative Packing Technology)

First of all, the selection of raw materials is the key link that affects the quality of preforms.PP, PET and PLT are main materials of preforms that factory under Creative Packing Technology mainly used. The selection of these raw materials is based on the specific needs of the product and cost considerations. Preforms for food packaging need to be selected to meet food-grade standards. In addition, the ratio of the raw materials needs to be adjusted according to the requirements of the product in order to achieve the desired performance.

The next step is designing mold tool. The design of the mold directly affects the shape, size and precision of the preform. When designing the mold, it is necessary to consider various factors such as the appearance design of the preform, the internal structure and the thickness of the material to ensure the quality and stability of the final product.

(Source:Creative Packing Technology)

In the molding process, the first is injection molding, i.e., the plastic raw material is injected into the mold after heating and melting, and then cooled and cured in the mold to form the bottle preform; and then blow molding, i.e., the preform will be blown into the shape of the common plastic bottles. The specific process needs to be adjusted according to the product requirements and mold design. During the process, parameters such as temperature, pressure and time must be strictly controlled to ensure that the shape, size and performance of the preform meet the requirements. The preforms we supplied are semi-finished products after injection molding, and customers who order our preform usually need to find another manufacturer to complete the final blow molding process.

The demolding process is the last step in the production of preforms, and it is also the most prone to problems. The key to demolding is to ensure the integrity and smoothness of the preforms to avoid deformation, breakage and other problems. Usually, demolding needs to control the temperature and humidity of the mold, as well as the size and direction of the demolding force and other factors. If demolding problems occur, the mold and process need to be adjusted.

   Finally,product inspection is the last line to ensure the quality of preforms. In the inspection process, the appearance, size, feel, life and other aspects of the preform need to be tested and evaluated. We have a specialized quality inspection team to ensure that the final preforms meet the quality requirements.

  The production of plastic preforms is a complex process that requires strict control of each link. Only in this way can the quality of plastic preforms be guaranteed to meet the requirements of the products. Creative Packing Technology  always adheres to the concept of "quality first, customer first", and pursues the excellent quality of the products, in order to live up to the trust of our customers.

  Creative Packaging specialize in the design, production and sales of packaging for preforms, and various caps. We are the top manufacturer in China's food packaging industry,  we do OEM and cooperate with many Fortune 500 companies.

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