September Procurement Section Is in Full Swing:Do You Have Bigsell Today?

14 September, 2023

September procurement section of Ali International Station officially opened on September 1, and is expected to become the largest foreign trade procurement season of the year. The number of overseas buyers is twice that of the spring foreign trade season, showing the vitality of the foreign trade market.

It is reported that the September Purchasing Festival of Ali International Station is known as the Double 11 of the foreign trade industry. It is a large-scale purchasing activity provided by Alibaba International Station for the global B2B buyers and sellers, and is regarded as the vane of the global procurement demand of buyers. Since its first launch in 2017, this year is now in the 7th year. September procurement festival is a very good opportunity for all the merchants on the platform. Today is the 14th day of the procurement festival, and our company is also in full swing.

The main reason why Alibaba International September Purchasing Festival is highly valued is that it is just as important as the domestic Singles' Day. Businesses want to increase traffic and business, so it is really a good choice to focus on the purchasing festival. And as early as the procurement festival, the number of foreign trade orders of various merchants on Ali platform has increased. In the case of this general trend, the businesses on the foreign trade platform can seize the opportunity to do their own publicity is very critical. The popularity of the procurement festival will be very high, mainly because in order to prepare for important festivals such as Christmas and Halloween, overseas buyers will purchase goods around September, so the order and flow of the overall procurement festival are expected to be better.Local media also reported: " The September purchase festival will have tens of millions of selected products, a longer 'credit insurance' guarantee period, more in line with local needs, can help buyers purchase more suitable goods in a complex global business environment, and promote their prosperity.”

Analysis that the enthusiasm of the overseas market from ali com. during purchasing festival to provide more certainty security services, such as the arrival of the goods and easy return, etc., can make domestic enterprises online transactions, reduce the uncertainty of the performance link, also can let overseas buyers can trust purchase, thus more business opportunities will follow. What is more gratifying is that, with the recovery of overseas offline exhibitions, the new mode of "online + offline" digital hybrid exhibition launched by Ali International Station will be further promoted in this procurement festival, so that small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises can expand overseas markets efficiently and easily.

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