Unveiling the heroes behind food packaging: Uncovering the fascinating journey of PET, PP and PS plastics

4 June, 2024

Three Common Types of Food-Grade Plastics

Plastics have become an indispensable material in modern food packaging due to their lightness,durability and ease of processing. PET,PP and PS are three popular food-grade plastics and we will explore their characteristics,advantages and disadvantages in more depth below.

1. PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)

PET plastic boasts exceptional transparency,heat resistance and impact resistance - it even rivals glass transparency!As its transparency makes it ideal for food packaging with high transparency requirements such as mineral water bottles or carbonated beverage bottles. Furthermore,its excellent heat resistance enables it to remain stable at high temperatures,making PET ideal for microwave heating boxes.

High transparency,close to glassRelatively high cost
Good heat resistance,can be used at high temperaturesSensitive to certain chemicals,such as grease,alcohol,etc
Strong impact resistance,not easy to break

PET plastics are widely used in the field of food packaging,such as mineral water bottles,carbonated beverage bottles,juice bottles,condiment bottles,etc. In addition,they can also be used to make food-grade containers,tableware,etc.

2. Polypropylene Plastic (PP Plastic)

PP plastic is an extremely versatile thermoplastic synthetic resin material with excellent chemical and heat resistance properties as well as electrical insulation properties,high strength mechanical properties and wear resistance processing performance. Boiling water sterilized it makes this plastic perfect for food packaging that requires high temperature sterilization such as lunch boxes.

Good heat resistance,can be used at high temperature
Relatively low transparency
Good chemical resistance,can resist corrosion
from a variety of acids,alkalis,salts and other chemicals
Sensitive to ultraviolet rays and easy to age
Lightweight,easy to process and transport

PP plastics are widely used in the field of food packaging,such as lunch boxes,lunch boxes,food packaging bags,food containers,etc. In addition,they can also be used to make medical devices,auto parts,etc.

3. PS (polystyrene)

PS plastic is a colorless and transparent thermoplastic with a high glass transition temperature and good impact resistance. It is often used to make disposable containers that need to withstand high temperatures,such as disposable foam lunch boxes,fresh-keeping boxes,etc.

High transparency and beautiful appearanceSensitive to organic solvents such as grease and alcohol
Good heat resistance and can withstand high temperaturesNot resistant to chemicals such as acids and alkalis
Hard texture and strong impact resistance.

In the field of food packaging,PS plastic is mainly used to make disposable containers,fresh-keeping boxes,etc. At the same time,it is also widely used in electronic product shells,toys and other fields.

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