Who is in the big family of plastic bottle preforms?

28 May, 2024

Explore the different types of preforms

With the rapid advancement of science and technology and people's living standards, plastic bottle preforms have become an indispensable part of daily life.This article will classify and introduce several common plastic bottle preforms.

1. Plastic water preforms

Plastic water preforms are specially used to produce drinking water or beverage bottles. Constructed of food-grade plastic material such as PET (polyethylene terephthalate), these bottle preforms are non-toxic, odorless, highly transparent, impact resistant, and often made using bottle blowing machines - once processed the embryos can be processed into drinking water bottles of various specifications and shapes that are widely used by beverage and other industries.

2. Plastic cosmetic preforms

Plastic cosmetic embryos are preforms designed specifically to produce cosmetic packaging bottles. Constructed of HDPE or PP plastic material, which offers excellent chemical resistance and barrier properties that help ensure product quality and stability, plastic cosmetic embryos come in various shapes and sizes that can be customized according to market demands and cosmetic types.

3. Plastic oil preforms

Plastic oil preforms are used to produce packaging bottles for liquid products like edible oils and lubricants, often made out of PE (polyethylene) or PET material which has excellent oil-resistance and sealing properties, making storage and transportation of these liquids much simpler and ensuring no leaking or spoilage during transport and storage. Their bottle mouth designs often make pouring and use easier for users.

4. Plastic wide-mouth preforms

Plastic wide-mouth preforms, commonly referred to as bottle preforms with wider mouths, are used to produce product packaging bottles requiring easy access through larger openings. Made of PE or PP material with excellent impact resistance and toughness properties, plastic wide-mouth embryos are widely utilized across food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries - packaging condiments, medicines or chemical reagents etc.

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Plastic bottle preforms, an integral component of plastic packaging industry, come in various forms and uses. By understanding different types of preforms and their characteristics, we can select appropriate packaging materials, improve product quality and market competitiveness and select a supplier with high-quality products and services. To summarize, plastic bottle preforms have many types and uses in packaging industry; understanding each one will help select them correctly for use.

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