Why do beer use beer bottles without plastic bottles?

9 July, 2024

Beer use beer bottles without plastic bottles

Beer use beer bottles without plastic bottles

Beer is often packaged in glass bottles due to their cost-intensive production and bulkiness; there have been reports of these bottles exploding with heat or pressure, yet never plastic has ever been used as storage solution due to variety issues.

First of all, beer contains organic components like alcohol and plastic in plastic bottles which contain organic substances which are harmful to human bodies. By following the principle of similar compatibility, these toxic organic substances will dissolve in beer when people simultaneously drink such beer at once; when people then take in these toxic organic substances into their bodies at this same time and overdose themselves on toxic organics this may cause harm to human bodies.

Second, because beer bottles must withstand pressure and remain fresh for optimal quality, glass beer bottles offer more benefits on these two points than plastic ones.

Hopper hops are one of the essential raw materials for making beer. Their delicate composition easily decomposes under sunlight and results in unpleasant odors; therefore beer bottles containing hops may often appear dark. Ferrous ions will turn the bottle green while trivalent iron ions, which protect beer better, may turn it brown instead. As for transparent or colorless beers on market shelves, hops have undergone special processing during their brewing processes for perfect clarity.

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