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Plastic Boxes
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Plastic Boxes
Plastic Boxes

Clear Plastic Cake Box Bread Storage Container Candy Biscuit Box For Food Display

3000 - 9999 10000 - 99999 >= 100000
$0.25 $0.2 $0.16

Min. Order: 3000
Lead Time:
Quantity (pieces) Est. Time (days)
1 - 10000 7
10001 - 100000 15
> 100000 To be negotiated
Sample: Provided freely
Logo Available
Packaging Available
Graphic Available


Place of Origin: Anhui, China
Use: Cosmetic storage
Material: Plastic
Logistics Mode: Express, Sea Freight, Air Freight, Land Freight
Sea Port: Shanghai Port
Supply Ability: 300000 Pieces per Week
Packing: Carton/ Pallet
Size: Custom Size Accepted
Gross Weight: 0.08
Logo: Customized Logo Acceptable

Square Transparent Plastic Boxes

Quadratische transparente Kunststoffbox

Bo?te en plastique transparente carrée


Plastic Boxes plastic box series, available in a variety of sizes, are made of high-quality PS (polystyrene) material, which is known for its excellent transparency. Each plastic box is carefully designed and produced to ensure it is durable and beautiful. High transparency makes it easy for you to check the contents of the box at a glance.


  • High-quality PS material: Made of food-grade PS material, safe, non-toxic, and compliant with environmental protection standards.
  • High transparency: Made of highly transparent PS material, you can check the contents of the box at any time for easy organization and search.
  • Moisture-proof and dust-proof: The tight lid has good moisture-proof and dust-proof effect, ensuring that the contents in the box are dry and clean.


Place of OriginChina
Industrial UseFood, Cookie, Cake
Product namePlastic Dessert Cake Packaging Box
UseFood Packaging
MaterialPS Plastic
UsagePacking Items
ColorTransparent Clear
ApplicationPacking Material
ShapeRectangle Shape
KeywordBiscuits Dessert Cake Packaging Box

length, width, heightInner dimensions (length,width,height)WeightBox size (cm)CapacityThickness
2.5*2.5*2 cm2*2*1.7 cm6 g6 ml2 mm
5.5*5.5*4.5 cm4.9*4.9*4.1 cm29 g45*46*42100 ml2 mm
4.5*4.5*4.5 cm4*4*4.1 cm22 g38*38*3865 ml2 mm
5.5*5.5*5.5 cm4.9*4.9*4.1 cm34 g45*45*45120 ml2 mm
6.0*6.0*6.0 cm5.4*5.4*5.6 cm41 g47*47*52160 ml2 mm
6.5*6.5*6.5 cm5.8*5.8*6.1 cm46 g44*44*50210 ml2 mm
7.5*7.5*7.5 cm6.9*6.9*7.1 cm63.4 g50*50*50380 ml2 mm
8*8*8 cm7.4*7.4*7.6 cm73 g45*45*45420 ml2 mm
8.5*8.5*8.5 cm7.9*7.9*8.1 cm80 g47*47*47500 ml2 mm
10*10*10 cm9.4*9.4*9.6 cm120 g47*47*58800 ml2 mm
12*12*12 cm11.3*11.3*11.6 cm173 g55*55*551500 ml2 mm
15*15*15 cm14.1*14.1*14.5 cm340 g48*48*503000 ml2.5 mm
20*20*10 cm19.1*19.1*9.4 cm550 g44*44*443500 ml3 mm
17*10*13.5 cm16.2*9.3*12.7 cm314 g55*38*441950 ml4 mm
7.5*7.5*4 cm6.9*6.9*3.6 cm44 g42*42*37170 ml2 mm


  • Do not place the plastic box in places with high temperatures or direct sunlight to prevent deformation or discoloration.
  • For stored items, check regularly for moisture or discoloration.
  • Do not place the plastic box in a humid place to prevent mold.
  • Please clean it in time after use and keep it dry.
  • Avoid using sharp objects to scratch the surface of the plastic box.

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