Asian Games Mascot Running on a Crystal Water Bottle

25 September, 2023

As the image logo of the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022, the mascots "Memories of Jiangnan" combination Cong Cong, Lian Lian and Chen Chen have attracted everyone's attention and love since their release. They respectively represent the three world heritage sites in Hangzhou: Liangzhu Ancient City Ruins, West Lake, Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. Recently, with the grand holding of the 19th Asian Games, some netizens also discovered that the three cute little ones had wandered into the Wahaha Crystal Water Bottle, the designated drinking water for the Asian Games.

Speaking of the packaging design of the designated drinking water for the Asian Games, it is really unique. The main color of the Wahaha drinking water packaging bottle for the Hangzhou Asian Games is Chinese red with gold patterns, which has a strong sense of luxury. The three mascots Cong Cong, Lian Lian and Chen Chen are printed on the packaging. The bottle body is composed of 80 diamond-like sections, integrating the characteristics of the Asian Games and the image of the mascots. The mascots are engraved in pearlescent gold, vividly conveyed the "doorstep story of the Asian Games” to the hearts of consumers, creating a positive atmosphere of "Asian Games for the whole city, Asian Games for all", and making "Hangzhou the most memorable" take root in people's hearts. The bottle has been widely praised by consumers as soon as it was launched, and is known as "the drinking water with the most Asian Games flavor".

Unique design and attractive patterns are the most eye-catching. The packaging bottle of Wahaha's Asian Games Exclusive Edition Crystal Water combines Asian Games elements, which is a new visual upgrade of the product. The diamond-cut surface not only looks full of technology, but also feels quite comfortable, suitable for hands of all sizes. Take control. When choosing a plastic water bottle, in addition to considering the appearance and comfort in terms of appearance design, the quality of the bottle also needs to be carefully considered, because this is not only related to the health quality of drinking water, but also affects the user's drinking experience. The material of plastic water bottles is generally PET, which is a thermoplastic material with good transparency, heat resistance, chemical resistance and impact resistance. We at Ranchuang Technology also supply customizable plastic bottles,

  We Creative Technology also support  customizable plastic water bottles. The different choice in color, size and pattern of the water bottle are available for our customers to choose according to their own brand characteristics, thereby creating a unique water bottle. Our plastic water preforms are environmentally friendly and practical, and are the cooperation choice of many beverage merchants.

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