The Unknown Secrets of The Glass Vase

26 September, 2023

When it comes to flower vases, the first thing that comes to mind for many people is their function for arranging flowers. Indeed, the transparent material of the glass vase makes the bouquet of flowers in which the posture at a glance, adding a lot of vitality to the home. When selecting a glass vase, we can choose the style that best suits our needs based on the shape, volume, and design of the vase. Generally speaking, thin and tall vases are suitable for flowers with tall branches and trunks, such as lilies and orchids; while short and fat vases are suitable for flowers with lush branches and leaves, such as green lilies and hanging orchids. When arranging flowers, you can choose different colors of flowers according to your personal preference, adding a freshness and vitality to your living room.

(Source: Creative Package)

In addition to being used as flower vaflower ses, glass vases can also be used as candle holders. Due to the translucent nature of glass, the flame of the candle appears extra bright in the vase, mirroring the flowers inside the vase. This not only creates a romantic atmosphere in the home environment, but also adds a special touch to the party. When used as a candle holder, you need to fix the candle at the bottom of the vase and adjust the height of the candle to get the best lighting effect. At the same time, you need to pay attention to the safety of the fire source to avoid situations such as candles tipping over or burning too much.

(Source:Creative Package)

Besides,glass vases can also be used to nurse plants. For some flowers that have just been bought back and have longer root branches, such as roses, it is suitable to use a straight glass vase with a height of about 20cm to put them temporarily, so that the roses can bloom well. For flowers that are more delicate and have longer roots, such as Gerbera, you can choose a straight glass vase with a height of about 25cm and a larger diameter at the mouth. A glass vase of this size, like the one in the picture, is perfect for cultivating flowering plants.This vase is made of purely Hand-blown crystal glass and formed in one piece without seams,from Creative Package.Smooth bottle mouth is meticulous in workmanship. The borosilicate glass body is transparent and clear in texture.What's more,it's packed in 3mm thick-walled kraft paper tubes and wrapped inside with double-layer foam,so the transportation will be safe.

   The versatility of the glass vase makes it show great application in different scenarios. It can be used as a beautiful decorative object and also play a practical role in real life. Its beauty, practicality, convenience and other characteristics make the glass vase become one of the essential home accessories.Do you know any other uses of glass vases?

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