Sports Water Bottle Redefine A New Style to Drink Water

27 September, 2023

(Source:Creative Package)

Drinking water is an important part of maintaining human health, but many people often forget to drink water. However,there is a kind of drinking bottle that can make sure your water intake everyday.

It’s a large-volume sports water bottle with a capacity of up to 2.2L, which can meet the drinking water needs for a day. The design of huge body is also very fashionable, with various colors and styles to meet the preferences of different people.

The biggest highlight of this sports bottle is its incentive function. There is a scale mark on the side of the bottle body. Every time you see the water is below a certain scale,you will be more and more motivated to drink more water to keep yourself hydrated and healthy.The large capacity of the water bottle allows you to drink water multiple times a day without having to put on water frequently.If you want to make drinking water more interesting and healthier, then the large sports water bottle is a good choice.Its so-big out looking subverts the small image of traditional drinking bottles, slightly funny while more eye-catching. Although it looks bulky, its handle make it is easy to hold and can let you carry it on the go.

(Source:Creative Package)

Here introduce a new arrival of our creative-package.The sports water bottle is made of food-grade pp material, free of BPA and other harmful substances, safe and reliable. The bouncing cup lid can be easily opened with one hand, replenish water with one click, very convenient. Thickened cup bottom guarantee the safety of the bottle when it fall down accidentally. And the thoughtful scale mark keep track of your daily water intake to keep yourself hydrated and healthy.It is a great option for those who need large amount of water intake and those outdoor sports lovers.

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