How Long Does An Open Bottle of Red Wine Last You Need A Prime Wine container

7 October, 2023

Red wine is a drink that needs to be stored in an airtight container. When unopened, the cork in a wine bottle can effectively block air and oxygen, preventing the wine from oxidizing and deteriorating. Unopened red wine can usually be stored for several years or even more than ten years. However, once a red wine bottle is opened, air and oxygen will enter the bottle and begin to react with the wine, causing the aroma and taste of the wine to gradually decrease. Therefore, there is a limit to how long a red wine bottle can be stored after being opened.

 Generally speaking, red wine can be stored at room temperature for 1-3 days after opening and 1-2 weeks in the refrigerator. How long a red wine bottle can be stored after being opened is not only related to the variety of the wine itself, alcohol content, tannin content and other factors, but also closely related to the quality of the wine container.Firstly,natural cork is a common high-quality bottle stopper. Soft cork has good air tightness, which can effectively prevent air from entering the bottle, thereby delaying the oxidation of wine. Then the material of the wine bottle also affects how long the wine can be stored after opening. Glass is a common material for wine containersIt has good sealing properties and can prevent air and oxygen from entering the bottle.Please have a look at this red wine bottle from creative-package. It is made of special technology and uses medium-thick, colorless and transparent glass that is opaque to prevent ultraviolet rays from affecting the flavor of wine. In addition, the matching cork plug gives full play to its good sealing performance.

(Source:Creative Technology)

  Note that if red wine goes bad, it should be discarded in time, because drinking spoiled red wine is harmful to your health. When choosing red wine, you should pay attention to choosing a good quality red wine bottle and take consideration of  the storage methods to extend the storage time of the red wine and enjoy the best flavor of wine.

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