How to Use a Wine Glass with Elegance and Class?

18 January, 2024

With the improvement of life quality, more people are paying close attention to table etiquette. Wine tasting requires using wine glasses properly - something particularly essential during important business gatherings or informal get-togethers with close friends. By showing your class through wine glasses you can show your elegance and tasteful presentation of classy gatherings!

Select the Ideal Wine Glass

Not all wine glasses are appropriate for tasting. To select an appropriate glass you should consider its shape and material. Red wine glasses usually feature larger bodies with narrower mouths to help facilitate interaction between airflow and wine aroma release. On the other hand, white wine glasses usually feature smaller bodies that allow airflow into and release of its aroma more effectively, white wine glasses tend to be lighter.

The Way You Hold the Glass

When holding the glass, use your thumb and index finger to clamp the stem, rather than holding the glass directly. This not only prevents your hand temperature from affecting the temperature of the wine, but also prevents direct contact with the bowl, preventing sweat stains from tainting the wine.

Observing the Color and Swirling

Before tasting wine, it's essential to first observe its color. Gently swirl your glass, allowing liquid to create circular patterns on its walls which help release its aroma and release any potential unpleasantness in the wine.


Bring your nose close to the rim of the glass and take a deep breath to experience the aroma of the wine. Be careful not to inhale too forcefully, as this can affect its aroma.


When tasting wine, allow it to rest in your mouth for some time while inhaling gently to experience its texture and aftertaste. Be mindful to use various parts of your tongue - tip, sides, root etc - when tasting this beverage so as to gain insight into its sweetness, acidity, tannins or any other sensations present.

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