What Are the 5 Common Types of Pet Preforms?

26 January, 2024

In today's world of packaging and manufacturing, PET preforms have become an essential component. PET, or polyethylene terephthalate, is a strong, lightweight material that is often used in the production of bottles, containers, and other packaging items. PET preforms are the precursors to these finished products and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. As the demand for high-quality PET preforms continues to grow in the market, Creative Package has been honored with a significant increase in orders, thanks to our cutting-edge production techniques and high quality raw materials. This trend not only reflects consumers' pursuit of innovative packaging solutions, but also highlights Creative Package's professional capabilities and market position in meeting these demands.

To find the desired packaging products, let's first take a look at the following five common types of PET preforms.

PCO Preforms:

  • Size: Typically ranging from 500 milliliters to 1 liter, suitable for packaging various non-carbonated drinks.
  • Mouth diameter: Typically between 28 millimeters and 38 millimeters, facilitating filling and consumer drinking.
  • Characteristics: Used mainly for non-carbonated drinks, they typically exhibit high compressive strength and sealing properties, ensuring product quality and shelf life.

CTC Preforms:

  • Size: Commonly available in sizes ranging from 500 milliliters to 1 liter, suitable for packaging edible oil and soy sauce.
  • Mouth diameter: Typically smaller, around 18 millimeters to 28 millimeters, facilitating precise control of oil flow.
  • Characteristics: Typically exhibit good resistance to oil penetration, ensuring product quality and extended shelf life.

Alaska Preforms:

  • Size: Primarily available in large sizes of 5 gallons/20 liters, suitable for water packaging.
  • Mouth diameter: Larger, facilitating connection to water pipes and filling equipment.
  • Characteristics: Typically exhibit high compressive strength and sealing properties, ensuring product quality during long-term storage and transportation.

ROPP Preforms:

  • Size: Varies depending on specific needs but typically smaller, suitable for packaging in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Mouth diameter: Dependent on the type of medicine, may be smaller or come with special stoppers.
  • Characteristics: Have high hygiene standards and corrosion resistance, ensuring stability and shelf life of the products.

Other Special Types:

  • Size: Customized based on specific needs, ranging from small sample bottles to large storage containers.
  • Mouth diameter: Dependent on the purpose, ranging from small stoppers to large openings.
  • Characteristics: Have various special properties, such as heat resistance, leak-proofing, and reclosable features, to meet packaging demands in specific industries.

These descriptions aim to give you a better understanding of the characteristics and applications of different types of PET preforms. When selecting the appropriate type for your packaging needs, it is essential to consider specific requirements based on your application. Contact us for personalized customization services that cater to your specific needs and branding requirements, delivering the perfect packaging solution.

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